Susanne Witte

Susanne Witte was born in 1895 in Berlin. In the thirties she lived on Pulitz Street in the Berlin town of Moabit. Many Jews passed through this street in their way to the deportation from the place of gathering to the Moabit goods Station. Susanne Witte lived closely the growing persecution of Jews in the case of her friend Ruth Casper and her family. She knew Ruth Casper, converted from Judaism into Catholicism in her formation as social assistant of the Catholic service.
Short before her deportation to Auschwitz in 1942, Ruth Casper asked her friend to take care of her mother, the classical music singer Regina Kirschbaum, in case she was deported. Susanne Witte promised to help her and in fact Regina Kirschbaum could escape the Gestapo when they went to look for her neighbors to deport them. The same night, Regina Kirschbaum went to Susanne Witte´s. When she asked her if she could stay at her place she answered: ”Of course.”
Together with other friends of the Saint Paul of Berlin-Moabit Catholic community, Susanne Witte hid and supplied her friend’s mother for two and a half years, until the end of the war.