Elisabeth Bussian

Elisabeth Bussian, born in 1907, was the daughter of a Social democrat home. In 1930 she married professor Walter Bussian. They lived together with her daughter Renate in a middle-class town in Berlin. When discrimination and the deprivation of the Jews’ rights became serious, the Bussians supported not only their Jewish neighbors Martha Pietrowski with her daughter Käthe, but also the couple of Amalie and Paul Ballo, by giving them food and other supplies.
In August 1942, Martha Pietrowski was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. During the following months Pietrowski’s daughter and the Ballo couple were also deported, so Elisabeth and Walter Bussian went to see the attorney-in-law Anita Eisner – a friend of Käthe Pietrowski – and told her about their intention to save at least her from imminent deportation. Considering that, the attorney-in-law decided to take that risky step. In the night of March 3rd, 1943 the Bussians went to Anita Eisner’s house to help her leave her apartment. But short after their arrival, the Gestapo knocked on the door.
In the last minute they managed to escape through a back stairs. Anita Eisner was initially accommodated at the Bussian’s home, who continued supporting her in other hideouts.
Through Anita Eisner, the Bussians met Richard and Vally Wiener, who lived in ”Mischehe” (shared Matrimony) due to the fact that he had been divorced by force, Richard Wiener was threatened with imminent deportation. The Bussians hid him during the day and at their place he could meet his non-Jewish wife.
After a bombing in November of the year 1943, in which her apartment had been destroyed, Elisabeth Bussian went to live to the countryside with Renate. Walter Bussian – was drafted since 1939 – he was stationed in Berlin since 1942 until 1944.
Thanks to the Bussian’s help, Richard Wiener and Anita Eisner managed to survive.