Miguel Angel de Muguiro

Miguel Angel de Muguiro was Spain´s Chargé d’Affaires in Budapest during March 1944, when the German troops entered Hungary. Muguiro had been very critical with the Hungarian government´s policy of anti-Semitism.The dispatches he sent to Madrid censured the laws that excluded Jews from the economic life of the country, the obligation to wear the star of David and the yellow insignias, the plundering of Jewish shops, including the reaction of the Hungarian people in view of these facts. Muguiro also denounced the projects directed to exterminate all the Jews in Hungary. Muguiro´s criticism was a source of stress between the Government of Madrid and the Hungarian Government. This caused the latter to denounce Muguiro, and the situation reached its peak with his removal from his post. He was accused of perturbing the relationship between the two countries.

He was replaced by Angel Sanz Briz.

Translation: María Pensavalle