Yvonne Broche Verly

Postal Stamp in honor of Yvonne Broche Verly, issued on an initiative of the IRWF.

Yvonne Broche Verly was born in 1918, in the village of Pipaix, near Tournay. Nowadas she lives in Brussel. During the war, she had been the Head Nurse and Social Worker at the Castle of Beloil, where Prince Eugene de Ligne had opened his stately home to deprived children, amongst whom were a number of hidden Jewish children.

Yvonne lovingly took care of those children and even assumed the risk of accompanying Ruth Eisenfeld to a fostering home in Tournay. Thanks to Mme Verly, Ruth, as well as many other children, saved their lives.

After the war, Yvonne married Georges Verly, a high-ranking officer in the Belgian Army, himself a Resistance Worker who spent years in Nazi concentrations camps. George died young. Yvonne has one married son and two grandsons, all living in Brussels.