Letter to the whole citizenry on September 11


The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and Casa Argentina en Jerusalem want to express their solidarity with the people of the United States in this moment of anguish and suffering. In accordance with our more than 35 years history and mission, we want to express our total condemnation and repudiation to the murders that ended the life of thousands of people in New York and Washington DC yesterday in the most terrible terrorist attack in world history.

We propose that in this moment of grief all men and women of good will, each one in their language, their belief or their way of praying in particular, believer or not, say a prayer for the victims of this tragedy.

It is a crucial instance in the history of humankind, a rupture in relation to everything known until now. The consequences of this qualitative jump in the actions of world terror are unimaginable and with a tremendous risk for peace. That is why, the union through any kind of request, demand, prayer or other way of expressing our most intimate convictions, is presented as a necessity impossible to be postponed.

We also propose that for thirty days a minute of silence to be kept at schools and government departments as well as to keep the national flag at half-mast for the same period of time. Likewise, we invite all citizens, belonging not only public and private activity but also the media, to wear a black ribbon as a sign of mourning.

Only the spiritual integrity will counteract, as it has already had, the will of those who propose death and chaos.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation