August 5, 2013

A man for the cause of mankind


Everyone knows Eduardo Eurnekian as the Argentinian entrepreneur of Armenian origin, talented and visionary. In the international arena Eurnekian is known by the efforts he devotes to humanitarian causes.

He carries forward this commitment through The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, a global-reach NGO he presides. The IRWF promotes educational values that are essential to create the basis for a civilization of peace, respect and dignity for each human being.

The Wallenberg Foundation, that counts Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) among its founding members, presents the testimonies of exemplary individuals, as Wallenberg himself, that risked their lives in order to save victims of injustice, violence and genocidal regimes, independently of their faith, ideology or nationality.

Eduardo Eurnekian has explained with these words the reason of his commitment to this mission: “We must honor the individuals that, at a given moment, had the courage to have common sense, the most common of senses, the human sense. A person can not kill, like a butcher, another person. There must be respect, there must be a better world. If that assumption is transmitted another generation will receive it.”

“We believe that we have the obligation, the duty, to do something so that the teachings do not disappear. I would put it this way: Ladies and gentlemen, certain circumstances put me in a position to receive a message, to receive a torch that I should not drop but that I must hold in my hand till the end.”

Aleteia, a worldwide Catholic network, has produced an exclusive video dedicated to Eduardo Eurnekian. During the recent European tour the Wallenberg Foundation distinguished Nicholas Winton, a renowned British Holocaust rescuer; former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown; former secretary of Pope John XXIII, Loris Capovilla, and Holocaust survivor and intellectual Samuel Pisar. All of them received the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal.

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