January 16, 2008

Senator Yee proposes naming Devil’s Slide tunnel after Tom Lantos


Congressman Lantos deserves every tribute. Not necessarily because his contribution to this project but because he is a human rights champion.

He fought the Nazis and survived the Holocaust thanks to the Swedish Diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who 63 years ago was abducted by the Soviets and his fate is still a mystery.

Lantos never forgot his debt to Wallenberg. He kept the latter’s legacy well alive.

Only recently, Rep. Lantos was the first to sign our ”100,000 names for 100,000 lives” petition to Putin’s administration, aimed at getting credible answers about Wallenberg’s fate and whereabouts.

We wish Congressman Tom Lantos a prompt and full recovery.

Perla Graisman
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation