September 22, 2008

It is never too late to honour the Righteous


Henk Drogt was a hero. He deserves to be the named Righteous by Yad Vashem and the younger generations have the right to know his feats. A word of praise should go to the EL AL pilot who unveiled the story.

Lately, Yad Vashem announced the bestowal of the title of Righteous to a Polish woman, Stanislawa Slawinska, for having given shelter at her home to several Jews who had managed to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto. In this case, it was the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation which did all the footwork, identifying the story, locating the living relatives of the hero and passing the file to Yad Vashem.

The free world owes a huge debt to these brave people who stood up against evil and did make a difference.

Aliza Reuveni
Tel Aviv State: Israel