January 26, 2008

Courage personified


It is important to remember that Tom Lantos’ brave stance is a direct result of his personal experience, not only as a victim of the horrors of the Holocaust in Hungary, but also as one of the tens of thousands saved by Raoul Wallenberg (”Tom Lantos passes humanity’s torch,” Feb. 22).

There are many parallels between Wallenberg and Lantos. Both showed great bravery in their actions and affected the lives of tens of thousands, if not more.

Both came to their fame from a very unlikely background – Lantos as a Holocaust survivor, Wallenberg as the son of wealthy Swedes. Lantos never forgot the man who saved his life, and we should always remember and follow the legacy of these two men, who proved through their action that one person, armed only with courage, can make a difference.

Abigail Tenembaum
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation