January 30, 2008

75 Years Since Hitler Rose to Power


75 years after Hitler’s access to power, the world is still a suitable scenario for a dreaded comeback. Hitler’s wannabes are voicing their ideologies without a hint of shame. Ahmedinajad is a clear representative of that group.

The UN and Germany have set a Holocaust Day of Remembrance. This is a blessed initiative, but not enough. Education should also concentrate on the remarkable stories of the saviors. Raoul Wallenberg was the most prominent among them. But he wasn’t alone. Many diplomats, such as the Brazilian Luiz de Souza Dantas, who defied his own government’s instructions, granted life-saving visas to those in need. He died ostracized and in poverty.

Simple citizens around France, Denmark and Belgium had risked their lives, their families, their properties, to offer shelter and protection to persecuted Jews and other minorities.

Each of them was a living example of what one decent person can do, even against the darkest forces of evil.

The world should learn their deeds of civic courage. Sad to say, but more heroes are needed. See Darfur. Unfortunately, more heroes shall be needed.

Gustavo Jalife
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF)

Buenos Aires