September 22, 2006

Wallenberg Award 2006 to editor in chief/manager of Zenit


ROME, Friday September 22nd 2006 ( The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation will bestow the Raoul Wallenberg Award 2006 to Jesús Colina, editor of the International Catholic News Agency Zenit, ”in recognition of the excellence of their informative work aimed to benefit and help interdenominational dialogue and reconciliation”, as explained by the motivation.

The award will be presented on September 28th at the Argentine Embassy before the Holly See, located at the Roman Vía de la Conciliación.

The Raoul Wallenberg Award has been established to recognize recognize those who demonstrate rectitude in their conduct and for their outstanding performance in their respective occupations, as well as for honoring the values that the distinguished name of this award entails.

Dr. Natalio Wengrower, vice-president of the IRWF adds, ”The IRWF decided to create this award to encourage all people of good will who have demonstrated through their work an unwavering commitment to upholding the humanitarian values which Raoul Wallenberg stands for. The Raoul Wallenberg Award was presented for the first time in 2000, welcoming the XXI century with a message of hope.”

Raoul Wallenberg is the Swedish diplomat missing since January 1945 after saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews and other persecuted by the Nazism during World War II.

The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation wants this recognition to be helpful in promoting dialogue between cultures and faiths. All endorsements to this initiative can be sent to the following e-mail address:

Translation: Belén Closas