November 10, 2005

World War II era deception exposed


Sword of the Turul, by Catherine Eva Schandl, is a book based on an incredible true story, now told for the first time.

What did a ”group” led by British intelligence, a church in a cave, and a missing Swedish diplomat all have in common in World War II Hungary – and why did most of the players in this drama disappear? Shocking facts are uncovered about war-torn Budapest , British intelligence, and SMERSH, and how they were all connected, exposing a 60-year-old deception.

Author Catherine Eva Schandl, B.A. Honours, M.Ed., was born and raised in North America and is of Hungarian origin. Her father, Karoly William Schandl, a Hungarian lawyer, was a survivor of 11 years, 10 months in the Soviet prisons of Lubyanka, Lefortovo, and Vladimir. Prior to his official arrest by the NKVD/SMERSH on December 8, 1944 , he was involved in a British led anti-Nazi resistance group, and lived across from the Swedish Embassy in Budapest .

Karoly and his old Catholic school friends had been recruited by British intelligence.

The Cave Church down the street was actively helping his group. It was the ideal place for clandestine meetings.

SMERSH arrested Karoly Schandl, along with a Dutch lieutenant who had been working for Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg.

Karoly and the Dutch lieutenant were placed in Lubyanka and then Lefortovo prison. The leader of Karoly’s group was also arrested by SMERSH. The church was stormed by the Communists but would be destined to re-open decades later.

After 5 years as a POW, Karoly was accused of being a British spy, as he had come into contact with the British intelligence service during the Second World War. In 1950, he was transferred to Vladimir prison, where he was kept locked away in secret, in the ”special section.”

The Soviets continued to deny any knowledge of his whereabouts. He was bombarded with ultrasonic sounds as they attempted to brainwash him, but to no avail.

By 1956, Karoly was a free man. He always said there had been a leak. The likely source would not be discovered until 2005 by Karoly Schandl’s daughter

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