After six months of research, the filming started . Lights, travelling, cranes and all
the necessary elements were transported in a special truck to the different states.

The shooting of the documentary was carried out in many stages and among the places where the most important registers were obtained it is worth mentioning the provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires. For the shooting of the film, theaters such as “Kadima” (in Moisesville) were reconditioned and given a proper atmosphere, countryside synagogues were reopened, Russian carts pulled by horses were put into motion and antique furniture and items belonging to the colonists were rescued.

Yiddish was the language chosen for the narrations with the intention of rescuing the immigrants' original language which  had been slowly disappearing with each generation.

The researchers gathered the testimonies of several colonists and their descendants and the filming of some of the scenes also forced the directors to travel to Israel and the United States.





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