February 2005

Price to Rabbi for Interfaith activities

The Jewish Community of Berlin and the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation co-support in past February 25th a ceremony in the course of which was given a price to Rabbi Dr. Nathan Peter Levinson for his extensive and tireless action in pro of the interfaith dialogue. The price was given by the founder of the IRWF, Mr. Baruch Tenembaun. Rabbi Levinson was founder of the Heidelberg Jewish Studies University, for 20 years was co-President of the German Council of Christian-Jewish Cooperation and from 1976 was President of the International Christian-Jewish Council, from which is at present Honorary Vice-president.

Speech held by Rabbi Stein at a celebration to honor the person and work of Rabbi Professor Dr. Nathan Peter Levinson

Raul Soldi : Centennial of his birth

In March 27th is the 100 anniversary of Raul Soldi´s birth, the great Argentinean artist, who throughout his prolific carrier performed a huge and varied pictorial creation in oleo, water color, ink and mono-copy. One of the most important Raul Soldi´s works is the fresco dedicated to the Lujan Virgin in the Annunciation Basilica in Nazareth. From the inauguration of the work were past nearly forty decades, throughout them thousands and thousands of pilgrims have appreciated the Raul Soldi´s creation, with its implicit message of tolerance and dialog spirit.

The association for Interfaith dialog is established in Madrid

On last January 4th was established the Association for the Interfaith Dialog of the Madrid Community in which are presented the different religious communities and the lay movements of the Spanish capital. Among other activities the association schemed to make an encounter on April 8th and 9th about ”Religious freedom and lay state” and another on May 28th against violence.

CCJU Prepares in Rome a symposium in Nostra Aetate Anniversary

The Center for the Christian-Jewish Understanding of the Sacred Heart University in USA prepares a symposium that will take place in the next September in the Gregorian Pontifical University of Rome in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Vatican Declaration Nostra Aetate, historic declaration that refers to the relations between the Catholic Church with the non Christian religions.

First congress of Rabbis and Imans for peace

Between January 3 and 6 took place in Brussels a significant meeting between Jewish and Muslims religious leaders. The event joint more than 250 imans and rabbis for analyze the common roots of the peace ideal between individuals and communities of both religious traditions. The participants, who come from five continents search ways of understanding in the context of the different centers of interfaith tension that affect the different regions of the world.

Jewish-Christian dialog in Florence

Between January 2nd and 16th took place in the San Ignacio community of Florence, Italy, a Jewish-Christian meeting. This annual interfaith meeting takes place since the Episcopal Conference of 1990. In this opportunity the Jewish participants where lead by Rabbi Jose Levy.

Declaration of the German Episcopal Conference

The German Bishops Conference declared that the convalescence and healing process of the atrocities committed by the Nazism continues. The German Episcopate makes this declaration in the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The Catholic dignitaries remembered the victims of the Nazi genocide and advise with regard the emergence of new anti-Semitic tendencies.

Spanish Government assign founds for non-catholic confessions

The Spanish Government have created the ”Pluralism and Convivence” Foundation, whose task is to help the minority religious confessions —Muslim, Jewish and Protestant —with a budgetary contribution directly from the State estimated for the year 2005 in three million Euros. The Foundation, which will have its seat in the Justice Ministry, is established for contributing to the support of cultural, formative and social integration projects. The objective, said the Justice Minister, is ”to promote a major and more equalitarian development of the religious liberty”.

John Paul II : ”Nobody can ignore the Shoa tragedy”

Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris, in the capacity of Pope’s envoy, read the past January 27th a message of John Paul II during the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, Poland, where have participated thirty State Chief. For John Paul II Auschwitz is ”is the tragic fruit of the programmed hatred”, added that ”in those days we have to remember the millions of peoples that without blame endure inhuman suffering and where exterminate in the gas chambers and crematories”.

Christian communities in Galilee

The Israel Interfaith Council organize on March 7th a seminary intended to analyze the future of the Christian communities in Galilee, with the intervention of the Campus Elias President, Professor Raid Mualem and the Director of the Christian Jewish Relationship Center of Jerusalem Mr. Daniel Rosing.

Will be given a price to Nun

The Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation get ready for give a price to the Catholic religious woman Rose Thering in acknowledge to her tireless work for promote the Christian-Jewish understanding. The Sister Rose’s life was told in the documental film ”The Constantine Sword”, based in the James Carroll’s best seller.