December 29, 2012

Wallenberg Foundation closes Centennial celebrations

On 27 December 2012 the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation closed the commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg’s centenary by bestowing prizes to three Israeli junior high-schools whose students participated in a multi-disciplinary artistic competition under the theme: Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy

The ceremony took place at the Eshkol Pais, Bat Yam, with the participation of 250 pupils, parents, school staff and high ranking officials of the Municipality of Bat Yam, including the Mayor, Shlomi Lachiany and his Deputy, Ester Peron.

The keynote speakers were Mayor Lachiany, Deputy Mayor Ester Peron, Danny Rainer and Eli Yossef.

Mayor Lachiany recalled how as a child he had first learned the awe-inspiring story of Raoul Wallenberg, thanks to his teacher.

Ms. Peron stressed the importance of the recognition of goodness.

Mr. Rainer pointed-out the excellent cooperation of the authorities of Bat Yam, which enabled these youngster to participate in such an important venture.

Mr. Yossef gave a 30 minute lecture in which he highlighted Wallenberg’s legacy and how his compassion and empathy had made him act as a hero.

One of the pupils read aloud her composition about Wallenberg, a fictional letter written by Wallenberg’s mother, while other works were also exposed.

The ceremony also included the moving performances of two young troupes, one of singers, Kol Hayam, and one of dancers, “Ballet Bravo”.

Principals, teachers and pupils from the three schools, Hachasmonayim, Shazar and Darka, went up to the stage to receive the prizes from Danny Rainer and Mayor Lachiany.