August 7, 2007

More heroes needed


I am writing in response to the article about the conflict in Darfur (August 1). Still, no one has found a solution. We need individuals with real courage to take action.

During the Holocaust era, another time when innocent people were being killed and tortured, there were a few individuals who acted courageously because they couldn’t stand by anymore.

One such individual was Raoul Wallenberg.

Wallenberg is one of the greatest heroes in history. He created Swedish protective passes and safe houses for Jews and saved close to 100,000 Jews in Budapest.

Wallenberg risked his own life by walking alongside Jews on death marches in order to distribute his passes, food and medicine.

August 4 was Wallenberg’s 95th birthday and now is a time to be inspired by his heroic actions.

We need a few more people like Wallenberg to put an end to the suffering in Sudan.

Aliza Klapholz,
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation,
New York