August 9, 2010

Info on Polish family who helped WW II Jewish girl wanted


The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in Jerusalem is searching for information about the living relatives of the Mislinski family, who aided a Jewish girl during Nazi occupied Poland during WW II.

The Mislinski’s, who gave shelter to Raquel Dronzek in 1943, lived in Miastkowo, Podlaskie province, north east Poland.

Raquel, born in in 1938 nearby Lomza, is still alive and, after converting to Roman Catholicism became a nun and is now living in Jerusalem.

She lost contact her younger brother Isaac, presuming that he died in the Holocaust, but nowadays she believes he might have survived.

The Wallenberg Foundation has been involved in tracking down information about many Polish families who helped Jews in Poland during Nazi occupation, including Slawinska Stanislawa, who is honoured in the Righteous Among nations at the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem.

If you have any knowledge of either the Mislinski family or the Dronzek family then please contact the Wallenberg Foundation or us here at Polish Radio. (pg)