January 15, 2008

How the Holocaust happened


Prof Friedlander’s contribution to the understanding of the Holocaust is paramount. Other historians – Sir Martin and Leni Yahil have also shed light on the subject.

And yet, the evil embodied by the Nazis had a formidable opposing force led by the Saviours, righteous gentiles who put their life at risk to save the European Jews.

Primus inter pares is Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who 63 years ago was abducted by the Soviets. His fate is shrouded with mystery. The role of the Saviours is not obvious and it calls for further historical research.

P.M. Gordon Brown, in his book ”Courage: Eight Portraits” has dedicated a whole chapter to Raoul Wallenberg. This is commendable.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is committed to developing educational programmes based on the solidarity values inspired by Wallenberg. We urge the historians to focus on the Saviours as well.

Perla Graisman
International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
New York