April 8, 2006



Sixty one years ago Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, risked his life saving thousands of persons condemned to death by Adolf Hitler’s plan. On January 17th 1945 was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army and since then his whereabouts are a mystery. According to the Wallenberg Foundation, an Argentine NGO, ”the Soviet line stuck always to the argument that Wallenberg died in 1947, while in prison, from a heart attack. However there are witnesses that saw Wallenberg alive during the ’70’s and ’80’s.” The Foundation believes that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, ”is the only person who can solve the mystery”, and accordingly they launched a worldwide campaign that aims to collect 100,000 signatures claiming for the
solution of the case. The visit to Argentina of the Russian Prime Minister
Michail Fradkov was a ”good oportunity” to the Wallenberg Foundation and
hence they asked for a meeting with Fradkov. The had no success.