February 3, 2012

As part of Raoul Wallenberg’s Centennial the JCC Manhattan in collaboration with the IRWF, screened THE RESCUERS

On Tuesday, January 17,2012 The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan in collaboration with the IRWF, organized a screening of the film THE RESCUERS by Michael King. This documentary focuses on the feats of diplomat rescuers, with special emphasis on Raoul Wallenberg’s incredible work.

Kayla Kaufman , who was saved along with her family by Wallenberg, shared her experiences during the Holocaust in a Q & A session after the event. She was introduced by Andrea Cukier from the IRWF. The discussion was moderated by Isaac Zablocki, the Director of Film Programs at the JCC in Manhattan.

The audience asked Miss Kaufman several questions about her experience as a child living in one of the Safe Houses and about her thoughts and emotions back then and now. “Raoul Wallenberg saved six of my immediate family that today, after three generations, is over 300”. To me, he shall live forever”; Ms. Kaufman said.

When asked about Raoul Wallenberg ‘s fate she replied: “Raoul Wallenberg was chosen by a higher power for a monumental task: Save one hundred thousand people marked for annihilation by Nazis.

Once he had done his job, he was taken by the Soviets and vanished. It is almost tragic poetry how the man who rescued 100,000 lives could not save himself.

And so he remains, to this day, a hero,  a mystery, an icon of righteousness, an example of how man should be.  If one were to write a novel about a hero, his disappearance would be an awesome ending”.