Nathan André Chouraqui

He was born in Algeria, on 11 August 1917.

From 1935 he studied Law and Rabinical Studies in Paris. He was active in the French Resistance in the Maquis of Central France (1942-1945). Lawyer and later judge of the Algiers Court of Appeal (1945-1947). Chouraqui became a Doctor of Law in 1948 (University of Paris).

Settled in Jerusalem since 1958, he became advisor to Primer Minister David Ben Gurion (1959-1963) on the integration in Israel of Jews from Muslim countries, and in intercommunity relations.

Elected Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in 1965 under Mayor Teddy Kollek, Chouraqui was in charge of cultural affaires, international and interconfessional relations of the City of Jerusalem. From 1969 to 1973 he served as Municipal Counselor and President of the Commission of Culture and Foreign Relations of the City.

Chouraqui is known for his translations and commentaries in French of the primary spiritual works of the monotheist religions. His life’s path (Algeria, France, Israel) has passed through the meeting points of peoples and their faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

Faithful to his his Hebraic roots as well as to his French and Arab sources, André Chouraqui belongs to a category of writers whose thoughts span several worlds.