Natalio Wengrower: a businessman of culture

María and Natalio Wengrower

Married to María Daich.

He graduated from the Otto Krause National Industrial School in 1945 and from the Universidad de La Plata in 1951.

PhD in Chemistry. Works in metal chemistry, PhD thesis in Argentine ceramic materials.

He constitutes SICA Sociedad Industrial Cerámica Argentina (Argentine Ceramic Industrial Corporation); where he produces a whole line of electric porcelain and nowadays a wide range of electric products.

He participates in ANSCO Industrial Corporation, where he specializes in the manufacture of high voltage insulators for electric lines and related products.

He is a member of the Asociación Química Argentina (Argentine Chemistry Association), where he has remained for more than 50 years.

In 1967 he integrates the IICAI (Institute for the Interchange of the Argentine Israeli Culture) in the Commission and later he becomes president of the Executive board, where he remains for more than 25 years.

He has been an Honorary Member of the Israel Hispano-American Institute since 1992.

Co-President of the International Meeting of Investigators of Social Sciences Buenos Aires Sefarad 92.Five Centuries of Jewish Presence in America, August 1992, Cervantes Theater. The Congress gathered thirty-five invited foreign investigators and a similar number of local investigators.

In 1996 he receives the diploma in acknowledgement to his work in favor of the Cultural Interchange between Argentina and Israel.

He was given the Honorary Diploma of the Argentine Committee Hospital Hadassah in Jerusalem. He participated in the creation of one of the first units of bone marrow transplant at the Durand Hospital, where several of its doctors were capacitated in Israel by Dr. Shimon Slavin, director of the Transplant unit at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.