”A extremely valuable exhibition that remembers the victims and his saviors.”
Mario Ledesma

”This is a very important exhibition. I say thanks to the Embassy of Croatia and the Wallenberg Foundation.”
Nora Cisony

”Excellent exhibiton about the Croatians that saved Jews. I wasn’t aware of this particular chapter of the Holocaust. As an Argentine Jew I appreciate very much this initiave.”
David Sayegh

”Outstanding exhibition. The time has come to know that all human beings are part of the same family. We must accept and respect each other, taking care of our planet for us and for the generations to come.”
Pedro Banchik

”It would be great to have more exhibits like this one since there are a lot of Croatians descendants living in Argentina.”
Silvia Dafonseca

”Thanks for showing that among the Croatian people there always have been honorable individuals ready to give a hand to the needy.”
G. Jadric

”Thanks for this exhibition. It would be very important to promote it in the media in order to show the other side of the Croatian history and not only the side of the torturers and Nazi collaborators. Excellent !
Magdalena Guavas

”Brilliant ! The exhibiton vindicates the human condition and the values of the Croatian Righteous.”
Segismundo Holaman

”As son of Croatian parents I indeed appreciate this exhibit that makes me to be proud of my roots.”
Enrique Curelovich

”To create awareness about these statements is also to be a Righteous. More events like this one must be done.”
Arnoldo Polo