Carlota Jäckisch

PhD in Sociology and in Political Sciences.

She has been advisor of the Argentine Parliament; Director of the Political Program CIEDLA of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. At present she is senior investigator at the Hayek Foundation.

She has been given graduate and postgraduate courses and specialized seminars, at the: Buenos Aires University; Belgrano University; Center for High Studies in Exact Sciences, CAECE; Higher School of Economy and Management and the Austral University.

Among her publications it is worth mentioning:

  • ”Socialization, Race and Prejudice” (in collaboration), Belgrano Publishing, Buenos Aires, 1981.
  • ”The Nazis and the German refugees in Argentina, 1933-1945”, Belgrano Publishing, 1989.
  • ”Political Representation and Democracy”, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Buenos Aires, 1999.
  • ”Free trade and division of powers”, (in collaboration with Alberto Benegas Lynch. Lumiere Publishing, Buenos Aires 2002.

Subject of exposition

”Nazi criminals in Argentina according to the CEANA”.