December 24, 2013

BOOK: The Hero of Budapest. By Bengt Jangfeldt

A biography befitting one of the greatest heroes known by mankind

Raoul Wallenberg arrived in Budapest on July 9th, 1944.  His mission lasted six months and 8 days. On January 17th, 1945, he was abducted by the Soviets, together with his chauffer, Vilmos Langfelder.

What Wallenberg achieved during his short-lived assignment in Budapest blurs the boundaries between possible and impossible. His personal tragedy, still shrouded in mystery, only adds drama to this intriguing character.

In his biography – “The Hero of Budapest” (The triumph and Tragedy of Raoul Wallenberg), Bengt Jangfeldt manages to present a cogent picture of the Swedish rescuer, backed by a meticulous research work which covers his childhood years until his arrest.

Jangfeldt’s biography of Raoul Wallenberg is a comprehensive work combining widely unknown facts and convincing interpretations, written in an a clear and appealing fashion which makes it easy for the reader to distinguish between the two.

The author has brought to the world a magnificent biography which befits such a towering figure as Raoul Wallenberg.