October 12, 2005

Educational Program Balance

Wallenberg at school

In the midst of 2002 political, economic and social crisis, the ”Raoul Wallenberg at School” Educational Program began to be developed. The Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation’s initiative focuses on a youth-oriented program that seeks to build a learning space from where students can learn about and spread fundamental values towards the consolidation of plural and democratic citizens.

In 2003, and thanks to the sponsorship of the Secretariat of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, the program reached the students of Middle Level Schools in the City of Buenos Aires.

In 2002 the ”Raoul Wallenberg at School” Educational Program has reached 13 schools in the City of Buenos Aires and in Greater Buenos Aires with the participation of more than 2.300 students. In 2003 the program was sponsored by the City of Buenos Aires and in 2004 the Association of Argentine Educational Private School (ADEEPRA) granted the Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation with the ”2004 Excellence” award because of the contributions made to the community.

The program has been structured into didactic activities including a conference and a second team-working cycle with students and Foundation’s volunteers. The volunteers taking part in these activities were specialists in the educational area.

The initiative is oriented to students from the superior courses of secondary schools, who are preparing to enter into the working world or to begin university studies, thus acquiring full commitments and civic responsibilities.

That is the reason why the program emphasizes the importance of memory, civic responsibility and defense of universal human rights, becoming aware of the relevance of these values for a harmonic and peaceful development of relationships among people as well as among institutions and nations, and promoting a clear understanding of contemporary and recent history.

Each presentation is focused on the discussion of Raoul Wallenberg’s activities, the Swedish diplomat who saved the life of tens of thousands Jewish people in Hungary and others who were persecuted by the national-socialist regime during the II World War. He serves as an example to develop the human rights issue and their role at present establishing analogies with secondary school contents, approaching subjects related with aspect of Argentine society and complementing the contents of ”Polimodal” and ”EGB” schools in the province of Buenos Aires as well as National secondary school. Its influence is shown in the following areas: ”Information and Communication Technology”, ”History” and ”Aesthetic and contemporary cultures” at Polimodal level and ”Sociology” and ”Economy” within Humanitarian and Social Sciences orientation. These subjects are appropriate for the students’ age group, mainly because they are expected to integrate previous knowledge as well as to foster research and reflection on part of the students.

In that way we try to set as an example the heroic attitudes of those people demonstrating solidarity, altruism and respect for human dignity; values and actions necessary to be sustained not only under dictatorships or authoritarian governments, but also as the result of democratic virtues.

In this school program, more than 30 volunteers have participated, among them Marcos Aguinis, José Ignacio García Hamilton and Nicolás Tozer. Also participating in the program were, Laszo Ladanyi and Tomás Kertecz (both Argentine residents) who were saved by Raoul Wallenberg from being deported from Hungary to extermination camps during II World War.

Raoul Wallenberg Educational Centers

Raoul Wallenberg Foundation collaborates with a wide range of resources and funds for the creation and sustenance of educational centers in a permanent effort to improve the quality of life. This activity allows the development of Educational Centers in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil.


The Raoul Wallenberg Community and Educational Center in ”La Juanita”, at Gregorio de Laferrere district, Province of Buenos Aires. This center is an initiative of the Unemployed Workers Movement of La Matanza.

In this Educational Center there are two kindergarten rooms and facilities for productive activities such as a workshops, a bakery, a publishing house, a sewing room and a craft school.

Another initiative is the ”Raoul Wallenberg” Kindergarten at 943 School, at Ministro Zarini in La Plata district, Province of Buenos Aires.


”Raoul Wallenberg School Nbr 53, at Gaviyu St. and Regimiento 9 (Brazo Oriental).


Bilingual School Raoul Wallenberg, at 5 de Junio 812 and Sucre Streets, Badahoyo, Los Rios, Ecuador.


”Raoul Wallenberg” Pre-school Educational Center in Catia, Caracas. In 2002, under the initiative of the RWIF this center has been opened to provide valuable education for children of low-income families in Caracas. The center also provides pediatric and dental care, IS instruction and sports activities.


The Raoul Wallenberg Educational Center in Curitiba, Brazil.

About the Foundation

The Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation is a non-governmental educational institution dedicated to keeping alive Raoul Wallenberg’s principles in order to promote peace among nations and people, as well as to develop educational projects based on solidarity and civic courage.

In 1997, Baruj Tenembaum founded this organization in Argentina. At present, there are branches in Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and New York. Among other international figures, dozens of Presidents and Nobel Prize winners participate in this organization through Membership on the Honorary Board of Directors.
Translation: Cristina Méndez