November 3, 2017

Presentation at the Scholem Aleichem Elementary School in Buenos Aires

In the framework of the Wallenberg Foundation’s educational program, a special lecture took place at the Scholem Aleichem Elementary School in Buenos Aires.

Mr. Danny Rainer, head of the Israeli representation of the foundation spoke before 50 fifth-graders about Raoul Wallenberg and the mission of the foundation bearing the name of the Swedish hero.

The 45 minute presentation featured the interactive participation of the pupils, who were for the first time introduced to Wallenberg and the other rescuers and a dynamic round of questions and answers followed-suit.

At the end of the lecture, Rainer concluded: “In a few words, the mission of our foundation is to recognize goodness and be grateful to those who helped save the lives of thousands persecuted, during the Holocaust and other humanitarian conflicts, current and past. By paying tribute to Wallenberg and his likes, that is precisely what we do”.

The Headmaster of the school, Professor Rut Jarmatz thanked Mr. Rainer and the Wallenberg Foundation for the valuable presentation.

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