Conference ”The Holocaust: ideology, politics and morale”

29 April – July 1 2001
20 conferences

List of Teachers:

  • Prof. Haim Avni
  • Prof. David Bankier
  • Dra. Graciela Ben Dror
  • Lic. Rahel Hodara
  • Lic. Avraham Milgram
  • Lic. Natan Ofek
  • Dr. Luis Roniger
  • Dr. Leonardo Senkman

Academic coordination:
Dr. Mario E. Ablin

The extermination of the Jewish people in Europe by the Nazi regime and their Allies constitutes a unique historic phenomenon creating important issues for human condition, seriously questioning moral, cultural and social premises deemed strongly established in modernity.

In spite of the great impact that the Shoah has had in the creation of the collective identity of the Jewish people and in the creation and development of the modern State of Israel, the Holocaust also constitutes a tragic landmark in universal history.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation offered Spanish speaking people this course with the aim of creating a critical and interdisciplinary framework about the Holocaust, with special stress to the ideological – political and moral aspects of that tragic process. Special attention was given in the course to the figure of diplomats and ecclesiastic dignitaries who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees during the Shoah, a group headed by archetypal people such as the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg and Vatican Nuncio Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (later known as Pope John XXIII).

The course was given by a qualified group of teachers, specialized in the Holocaust.


Sunday, April 29 Introduction
Mario E. Ablin
The Holocaust in its historic context
Prof. Haim Avni
Sunday, May 6 The Holocaust in its historic context
Prof. Haim Avni
Nazi politics and ideology
Prof. David Bankier
Sunday, May 13 Nazi politics and ideology
Prof. David Bankier
Nazi anti-Semitism: ¿continuity or historic rupture?
Leonardo Senkman
Sunday, May 20 Genocide and terrorism of State: a comparative perspective
Luis Roniger
Modernity and Holocaust
Mario E. Ablin
Sunday, June 3 The Nazi plan to destroy the European Judaism 1933-1945
Avraham Milgram
The perpetrators : the murderer profile
Natan Ofek
Sunday, June 10 Everyday life of women in the ghettos
Rahel Hodara
El outrage of human dignity in the camps
Rahel Hodara
Sunday, June 17 The dilemmas of Jewish leadership in the ghettos
Rahel Hodara
The righteous of the Nations: Christians who saved Jews
Rahel Hodara
Friday June 22 Guided tour to the historic Museum of the Holocaust in Yad Vashem
Mario E. Ablin
Sunday, June 24 Diplomacy and politics during the Holocaust: Raoul Wallenberg and other diplomats who rescued Jews
Avraham Milgram
Foreign policy of Latin-American countries during the Holocaust

Leonardo Senkman
Sunday, July 1 Catholic Church in the Holocaust : lights and shadows
Graciela Ben Dror
Conclusion of the course
Mario E. Ablin