Paintings by Hanalisa Omer

Omer was born in Czcechoslovakia into a family of Holocaust survivors, and immigrated to Israel when she turned 20.

She studied art in the School of Industrial Design in Bratislava and in the Bezalel Academy.

The IRWF is proud to present one of her most renown paintings which deal with Holocaust rescue:

”Help from the New World” , featuring Hillel Kook in Washington and in the background Raoul Wallenberg, Carl Lutz and Recha Sternbuch

“Switzerland Awakens”, featuring George Mantello,  the Secretary of the Salvadoran Consulate in Switzerland to the right,  Pastor Paul Vogt to the left, behind them the Swiss people’s grass roots protest and in the back Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl and Gisi Fleischmann in Bratislava

Help from the New World
Switzerland Awakens