Dutch Saviors

The information in this section was written and edited by Jasmina Thomson, an English teacher at New Milford High School, and 30 students from her 2007 classes. A valued volunteer of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, Ms. Thomson guided her students to conduct extensive research and portray the exemplary behavior of humanitarianism of Holocaust Saviors. Through the composition of the savior’s biographies, the students were able to explore and learn the importance of human dignity, liberty and justice.

Michaelle Fiore, Tom Gambone, Matt Ging, Zach Grob, Justin Hintz, Billy Kaufman, Katie Linke, Mina Loukrezis,
Vanessa Maloney, Kevin St. Jean, Desarae Van Coughnett, Brad West and Rebecca Willett are some of the students who participated in this project and whose biographies touch the lives and actions of the Dutch Saviors.

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