January 13, 2014

September 2013

NewsBreak: Raoul Wallenberg’s family seeks Obama’s help to find out WWII hero’s fate

The family of World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg will ask President Barack Obama for help in their quest to find out what happened to the Swedish diplomat who vanished after being arrested by Soviet forces in 1945. Wallenberg’s niece, Marie Depuy, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the family will present a letter to Obama at a memorial ceremony for Wallenberg that the president is set to attend Wednesday in Stockholm. In the letter, Wallenberg’s half-sister Nina Lagergren and the widow of his half-brother, Matilda von Dardel, suggest U.S. diplomats raise the Wallenberg issue “directly in formal discussions with Russian authorities.”
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Medal to an Armenian Savior in Yerevan

In a moving ceremony that took place at the Presidential Palace in Yerevan, Armenia, the IRWF bestowed the “Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal” to Armenian Holocaust Rescuer, Dr. Harutyun Khachatryan. Dr. Khachatrian was a military doctor with the Soviet Red Army during WWII. In August 1941 he was captured by the Nazis and taken prisoner near the city of Velikie Luki. In this prisoner camp, serving as a physician he treated a wounded Jewish inmate  Josef Kogan and later arranged for him to stay with Armenian prisoners and go by the name of Michael Markosyan (Misha Markosyan). The medal was presented to Anna Khachatrian, on behalf of her grandfather, by Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the IRWF and Artiom Chernamoryan, a prominent IRWF volunteer.
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President of Armenia Received the “Wallenberg Centennial Medal”

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, an honorary member of the IRWF, was awarded with the “Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal” in a special ceremony that took place at the Presidential Palace in Yerevan. The ceremony of bestowal fell on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which made the event even more meaningful.

The President expressed his gratitude to the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, and acknowledged Armenia’s policies aimed at the prevention and condemnation of the crimes of genocide.
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Wallenberg Foundation addresses world leaders

Global NGO raises issue of Swedish diplomat’s fate 68 years after he went missing

In a letter addressed to the world-wide leaders the IRWF asks for the closure of one of the most controversial and lasting human right’s cases since the end of World War II. Heads of State of Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom and Japan were selected by the IRWF to create awareness about a cause that involves the fate of a man that helped save the lives of thousands of persecuted people during the Holocaust.
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