November 2007

Dear Reader,

You may have read that Russia has recently disclosed new information about the fate of Raoul Wallenberg.

Since he was seized by the Soviets almost sixty three years ago, Wallenberg was never seen again in the free world. In 1991, the Russian government released documents claiming death by ”natural causes.” This became the basis for research conducted until 2001 by the Swedish-Russian Working Group. Other documents and eyewitness accounts led experts to believe that Wallenberg may have been alive well into the 1980s and beyond. Furthermore, the IRWF has received letters from Russian officials that lay the blame of Wallenberg’s death with the Soviet leadership of the time and even with Stalin himself.

The ”new” documents the media wrote about recently are no other than the old 1991 documents. Therefore, this is not progress but a digression to previous obfuscations of the truth.

Only one thing remains clear, that the case of Wallenberg’s fate remains open.

Together we can carry on the mission of reuniting Raoul Wallenberg with his family. This is the only way to put an end to 62 years of injustice. If you have not already, please sign onto our campaign 100,000 names for 100,000 lives. The signatures will be delivered to President Putin, as we demand that the fate of Raoul finally be revealed.


Baruch Tenembaum

Looking for Holocaust Survivors

The IRWF is looking for survivors rescued by Walenberg and individuals who worked alongside him. We will create a public archive to preserve Wallenberg’s legacy.

If you or someone you know was in Budapest, Hungary in 1944-1945 please call our New York office at 212-737-3275.

To conduct research on survivors and interviews click here.

For an event to honor Danish Rescuers we are seeking individuals in the New York area, who were rescued by Danish diplomats or by individuals from Denmark. Please contact us.

IRWF Presentation at the Swedish Church in New York

”This is our country’s hero and it is always moving to learn new things about him,” said a participant at the presentation of the IRWF at the Swedish Church for the Swedish community of New York. The event was organized in conjunction with the Swedish Women’s Educational Association. ”What happened to Wallenberg?” was the main question at the end of the night, to which, still, nobody has a definite answer. Several Swedish residents of New York who attended the event will volunteer at the IRWF.

Ben Olander in New York

”If you see a kid being bullied, say something. Evil thrives on the passivity of others” said Swedish Baladeer Ben Olander at his performance in New York City at the Swedish Church and at the SAR Academy in Riverdale. ”You have really inspired us with the story of Raoul Wallenberg!” said one of the students. For more information about Ben Olander please click here.

Slideshow of Raoul Wallenberg Exhibit

The IRWF has heard nothing but rave reviews for the exhibit ”Raoul Wallenberg – One Man Can Make a Difference,” which opened on September 5, 20007 at the Sakharov Museum and Center in Moscow, Russia. The exhibit, which is property of the Jewish Museum of Sweden, ran at the Sakharov Museum until October 21, 2007. Photographer Karl Gabor was on the scene for the opening. Click here to view a slide show of photos from the exhibit with Mr. Gabor’s commentary. Please be patient as the slide show takes several minutes to load.

Pogromnacht, Not Kristallnacht

”Kristallnacht is a Nazi term that belittles the events…Much more was broken than just glass…” The IRWF’s Berlin representative has released a letter to the press on the anniversary of the pogrom of November 1938. Read More