May 31, 2014

May 2014

Event honoring Pope Roncalli at the Israeli Knesset

On May 13, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) paid an unprecedented tribute to Pope John XXIII, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, in recognition to his humanitarian activities during the Holocaust and his contribution to the promotion of the interreligious dialogue.

The event at the Knesset was under the auspice of its speaker, Mr. Yuli Edelstein. It was attended by members of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and political, scholarly and religious figures.

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Birthday of Nicholas Winton

The Times of Israel published an article on Sir Nicholas Winton. In 1938, Sir Winton saved the lives of 669 Jewish children. He kept the story to himself for 50 years. Sir Nicholas was the son of German Jewish parents, who converted to Christianity and baptized their son. In 1938, Winton traveled to Prague to aid a friend who had been working for a refugee aide committee. The trip made him realize the urgent need of saving the lives of children from the Nazis. In a frenetic 9-month period, Nicholas Winton managed to evacuate 669 children from the Wilson station in Prague on trains to London and located British families to take the children.
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