May 2010

Closing Reception for Peter Bulow’s ”Blessings May Break from Stone”

After a successful show, artist Peter Bulow hosted a closing reception for his exhibit ”Blessings May Break from Stone” at the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation Cultural Space on Friday, June 4th.
The exhibit, inspired by the Holocaust stories of artist’s family, was on view for two months and has attracted a steady flow of art lovers and connoisseurs.

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Worldwide Religious Services to Honor Diplomat Heroes of WWII

June 17th marks the 70th anniversary of the day in which Portuguese Diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes decided, against the explicit orders to do the contrary, to follow his conscience and give visas to those trying to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. By doing so, he saved around 30,000 people in only a few days, and forced open a new escape route to freedom to many others during WWII.
This year Sousa Mendes and other brave Diplomat Rescuers will be honored by special Thanksgiving Masses and Services in Synagogues, that will be held around the world—from Rome to Newark, Sao Paolo, Paris, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, and many more—following the initiative of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF) and the Angelo Roncalli Committee.

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New 2010 Raoul Wallenberg Day Proclamations

Governors Jay Nixon of Missouri and Dave Heineman of Nebraska have declared October 5th, 2010, as Raoul Wallenberg Day in their states, following an initiative of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.
Since 2005, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation has campaigned to establish October 5th as Raoul Wallenberg Day throughout the United States. On October 5th, 1981, Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who disappeared in January 1945 after saving the lives of tens of thousands persecuted people during World War II, became the second person in history to be awarded Honorary U.S. Citizenship.

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Colonel José Arturo Castellanos Declared As Righteous Among the Nations

Thanks to an initiative of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, Colonel José Arturo Castellanos, a catholic and a former Consul of El Salvador in Geneva during the WWII, was declared ”Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem, the ”Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority.”
According to some sources, during Castellanos’ tenure as Consul General in Geneva from 1942 to 1945, he saved the lives of around 40,000 Central European Jews persecuted by the Nazis, by the means of conceding false documents which accredited them as citizens of El Salvador.

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Baruch Tenembaum on the Radio Jai, Buenos Aires

Founder of the IRWF remembered anecdotes and events with his dear friend Mordejai Dayan, Ex-President of Keren Kayemet Leisrael who passed away on Sunday, May 9th. Mordecai Dayan was the director of Wetzman School in Flores and founder of the Hebrew Movement in Argentina. ”We were friends for the last 62 years.” said Mr. Tenembaum in the program of Radio Jai.

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Sebastián Romero Radigales Honored on Postage Stamp

The Wallenberg Foundation paid tribute to the Spanish diplomat rescuer Sebastián de Romero Radigales with a postage stamp issued by the Israel Postal Company.
Romero Radigales arrived to Athens in the mid-April of 1943 as the new Consul General of Spain. Since his arrival to the Greek capital, Romero Radigales put every effort in defending the Sephardic Jews – over 800 persons between the communities of Athens and Salonica.

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Judios, tradiciones y mandatos by León Goldstein and Gabriel Minokowicz
From the preface: This book presents to Jews and non-Jews alike the treasures that emerge from writings that are kept in the arches of the Synagogues, in libraries and in grandmothers’ kitchens. Is the Judaism a religion, a nationality, a culture, a destiny?

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El Cantar de los Cantares (The Song of Songs)
Translation by Eliahu Toker
Illustrations by Ester Gurevich

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