May 2005

buenos aires herald. foreign ministry’s human rights secretary horacio méndez carreras first interview

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clarín. controversial plaque removed from argentina’s foreign office

The Foreign office decided to remove a controversial plaque from its premises. The plaque paid tribute to 12 Argentine diplomats for their actions ”for the Jews” during the Second World War. One of these diplomats is accused by community organizations to have done exactly the opposite.

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jta. sixty years after wwii, argentines want answers about ministry’s role

Argentina’s Foreign Ministry is under scrutiny as historians, researchers, Jewish organizations and a broad swath of the country’s cultural elite demand the repeal of a controversial 1938 order prohibiting visas for Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

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letter of ambassador of israel in argentina, rafael eldad

I am pleased to address you, and through you, all the members of your Institution, to express my appreciation for the praiseworthy task that you undertook that resulted in the removal of the controversial plaque which had been installed in the Argentine Foreign Ministry, which unjustly honoured an Argentine diplomat who had failed to uphold his unforsakable duty of safeguarding the most elementary human rights.

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messages of endorsement to the removal of the plaque installed in the argentine foreign affairs ministry

We hereby present messages of support to the removal of a plaque in homage of Argentine diplomats who helped victims of Nazism, in which the name of Luis Irigoyen (who sent a hundred Argentine Jewish citizens to death in gas chambers), is included.

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swiss diplomat who saved thousands during the holocaust remembered in new york

The life and deeds of Swiss Righteous Carl Lutz, a diplomat saved 62,000 Jews in Budapest in 1944 were celebrated at Park East Synagogue, with over 200 diplomats, survivors and other guests.

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100,000 names for 100,000 lives saved by Wallenberg

The IRWF continiues with its world wide campaign to definitively discover Raoul Wallenberg’s final destiny. Help us claim for the solution of this case. We will present the collected signatures before the UN and the russian prime minister.

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60th anniversary of the end of the world war II

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy, the word holocaust means ”a huge slaughter of human beings”. Another entry reads: ”Among the Israelites, especially, it implied that the victims were burnt up”.

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The word holocaust means a totally burned sacrifice. In the years between 1933 and 1945, it became Holocaust with a capital ”H,” defining the Nazi regime’s efforts to exterminate European Jewry. Survivors of the genocide are dwindling in number like grains of sand through an hourglass.

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packet online. south american liberty fighter teaches spanish class a lesson

On Friday morning – in a room packed with Princeton High School students – Argentinean author José Ignacio Garcia Hamilton spoke about the wax and wane of liberty in South America.

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dietrich bonhoeffer. pastor, rebel and martyr

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Protestant Pastor and a theologian. He was known as one of the few figures of the thirties who could understand theology both in English and German. He was also one of the principal figures of the German Resistance to the Third Reich led by Adolf Hitler.

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interfaith report

Complete Report of interfaith activities.

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appeal to people rescued by saviors of humanity

The IRWF is looking for Holocaust Survivors rescued by Raoul Wallenberg, Sousa Mendes, Souza Dantas, Carl Lutz or any other Savior of Humanity during WWII. Please contact