July 6, 2015

June 2015

Instituto Suore di San Giuseppe in Rome was recognized as a House of Life

On June 12, during a ceremony in Rome, the Instituto Suore San Giuseppe was declared a House of Life. Eduardo Eurnekian, Chairman of the IRWF had the honor to award the Raoul Wallenberg  medal to Sor Emerenziana Bolledi for her work when she was a novice during the time of WWII.  Sister Emerenziana offered shelter to around 60 Jewish children persecuted by the Nazis in the facility of San Giuseppe School.

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The IRWF awarded the Wallenberg Medal to Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi

On 19 June 2015, Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of Italy, received the Raoul Wallenberg Medal on behalf of the Italians that helped save thousands of persecuted people during World War II.

Chairman Eurnekian awarded Prime Minister Renzi in a ceremony at Palazzo Chigi in recognition to the remarkable work done by the Italian people who sheltered Jews, in particular to hundreds of children that were given safe refuge in facilities such as churches, convents and hospitals.

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Report on Turks and Kurds who rescued Armenians in 1915

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and the Kaloosdian/Mugar Chair at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University joined forces in a major research effort under the supervision of Professor Taner Akcam.

This ambitious research project aimed to identify Turks and Kurds that reached out to Armenians in 1915.

This is a unique attempt to identify and honor the many Turks and Kurds that lent a hand to their Armenian neighbors in one of the darkest periods of history. The research work conducted was undertaken in an in-depth and thorough manner in Muslim (Turkish and Kurdish) provinces where most of the killings occurred, and where most of these stories have been passed on verbally from generation to generation.

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A new “House of Life” in Greek island of Ereikousa  

On June 30, in a moving ceremony that took place in the Greek island of Ereikousa, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, represented by its Vice-President, Danny Rainer, unveiled a House of Life plaque at the Museum of Ereikousa.

The museum was chosen to symbolically represent the courageous islanders of Ereikousa who, during the dark days of WWII, gave refuge to a Jewish family from Corfu.

The island of Ereikoussa has a singular story that illustrates a collective effort by Father Andronikos and the local islanders to save the lives of Savvas Israel, a tailor from Corfu, his daughters and his adopted granddaughter when the Germans arrived at Corfu.

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