June 2008

The International Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Award will be presented in Rome

Next Thursday, June 12th, at 04:00 pm, The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, Casa Argentina en Israel-Tierra Santa and the director of Zenit-News Agency, Mr. Jesus Colina, will present the ”Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli” medal to Doctor Marco Roncalli in recognition to his lifelong academic and journalistic endeavors, which are dedicated to serving the truth and understanding among faiths.

The ceremony will take place at the Russia Ecumenica Centre, Borgo Pio 141, Rome, and will be presided by the director of Zenit News Agency, Mr. Jesus Colina, and the Director of the Centre, Mr. Sergio Mercanzin.

Following his humanistic studies in Bergamo, Marco Roncalli graduated in Law from the University ”Studi di Milano” with a thesis on canonical law about the Secretariat for the Unity of Christians. For the last 25 years, Mr. Roncalli has been engaged in research about the Shoah and Angelo Roncalli through his work in the media and publishing worlds. Marco Roncalli made documentaries devoted to John XXIII, for the RAI Trade, Media Trade, Video RAI, and San Paolo Film. He also served as historical advisor to Italian and foreigner film directors.

Searching for People Saved by Raoul Wallenberg and Necdet Kent

The IRWF is still searching for people saved by Raoul Wallenberg and Turkish Diplomat Necdet Kent. If you, or someone you know was saved by Raoul Wallenberg or Necdet Kent please contact our New York office on phone number: 212 737