February 15, 2014

February 2014

Bezalel’s students honor Raoul Wallenberg

Bezalel School of Arts honors Raoul Wallenberg. An art exhibition, titled “Portraits of Raoul Wallenberg,” was opened in the private residence of Hon. Carl Magnus Ness, Ambassador of Sweden in Israel. Students from all departments of the Bezalel Academy were engaged in a special workshop. 45 paintings were submitted to a special committee, and 25 were selected to be shown at the exhibition.

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Wallenberg Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of the film “El Consul of Bordeaux”

Presented at many film festivals around the world, “The Consul of Bordeaux” tells the true story of the Portuguese diplomat and savior Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

For the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust, the producers of “The Consul of Bordeaux” are raising funds for a new education initiative which aims to bring the story of the brave Portuguese consul to a wider audience through educational lectures in schools, synagogues and universities.

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