January 13, 2014

February 2013

Bust of Raoul Wallenberg at the International Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires

A bust of Raoul Wallenberg, a missing hero of World War II since 1945, was installed at the Terminal A of the International Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires. This is the way Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and the IRWF honor the legacy of the ‘hero without a grave’ who saved thousands from certain death. The piece is a creation of Argentine artist Jerome Villalba. This is the largest international airport in Argentina, by number of passengers handled every year.

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Jack Fuchs and the Delicate Art of Communicating the Holocaust

Jack Fuchs passed through Auschwitz and lost all his family in the Nazi concentration camps.  Native Polish and 89 years old at this time, he has lived in Buenos Aires since the end of World War II. He is one of the last survivors and the protagonist of “The Tree of the Wall”, a documentary by Tomás Lipgot. In 1993, Fuchs was interviewed by the Steven Spielberg Foundation, who recorded Holocaust survivors. Since then, Mr. Fuchs devoted his time to honor the memory of the Shoah in many organizations, schools and universities. He is the author of the books “Time to Remember” and “Dilemmas of Memory”.
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Wallenberg Foundation remembers John XXIII
On June 3rd 2013, the IRWF celebrates 50 years since Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli’s death. In the past, Casa Argentina in Israel-Tierra Santa and the IRWF have dedicated a large part of their activities to commemorate the legacy of Pope Roncalli, better known as John XXIII, and have created the Angelo Roncalli International Committee in his memory. In 2011, the IRWF presented to Yad Vashem a large report with evidence of his rescue work, and a petition to be recognized as Righteous among the Nations. This year, the IRWF and its affiliates will organize different activities in honor of Roncalli. An international conference on April 29 in Jerusalem in which the IFWF expects a numerous attendance of prominent historians and religious authorities is just an example, and is a part of a larger campaign that also aims to install Roncalli busts in different cities in Israel and other countries.

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