February 2008

Raoul Wallenberg Remembered

On the day of Raoul Wallenberg’s disappearance, January 17, the world remembered the hero who saved 100.000 people during the Holocaust. 63 years have passed, and we are still searching for answers. Our ”100,000 Names” campaign continues. Sign your name.
Close to this date, The Swedish government has launched an online [/?en/press/sweden-s-records-raoul.4707.htm] database with more than 1,000 documents on the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg.

All You Need is Love

Very few people can bring together, on one stage, The Secretary of State of the U.S., the foreign minister of Israel, the Secretary General of the U.N., a Rabbi, Elie Wiesel, an international Rock Star, the Speaker of the House, Congressmen and a Senators, Republicans and Democrats. As I witnessed the Memorial Ceremony for Tom Lantos z”l, at the Capitol in Washington DC, I couldn’t but marvel at the love that these politicians and celebrities had for this unique man. In an event of laughter and tears, stories and songs, much was said about Lantos’ relentless fight for human rights, a concern that, together with the fact that Wallenberg saved his life, brought him to co-found the IRWF ten years ago.

Wallenberg Day in the City of Buenos Aires

We present the new official educational agenda of the ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, where August 4th has been proclaimed ”Wallenberg Day.”

Documenting Wallenberg

The IRWF is still looking for survivors rescued by Wallenberg and those individuals who worked alongside him. The IRWF intends to create organized archives to preserve Wallenberg’s legacy forever. If you or someone you know was in Budapest Hungary from 1944-1945 then please call our New York office at 212-737-3275.