August 2004

Monument to the victims of the Holocaust will be inaugurated in Berlin

On Sunday, September 26th 2004 at 6:00 p.m. the IRWF will inaugurate the memorial mural which remembers the victims of the Holocaust and those murdered in the attacks to the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) in 1994 at the Vaterunser-Kirche in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Detmolder Str. 17 – 18.

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Spanish President joins the IRWF

In a letter adressed to Baruch Tenembaum, the President of Spain accepts the membership of the Honorary Board of the IRWF. Thus, Jose Luis Zapatero, joins an important group of Heads of State and Nobel Prizes who support the mission of the IRWF.

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Worldwide commemorations on Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday

On August 4, 2004, with the world coordination of the Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation numerous commemorative ceremonies of the ”Hero without a Grave”, savior of thousands of persecuted and condemned to death by Nazism, took place on the 92nd anniversary of his birth.

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Chiune Sugihara, Japanese savior

In March of the year 1939, the Consul General, Chiune Sugihara was sent to Kaunas to open a consular service. Kaunas was the temporary capital of Lithuania at that moment, a strategic point between the Soviet Union and Germany. After Hitler invaded Poland on the 1st. of September of 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.

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The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation asked the Holocaust Museum of Israel to designate Roncalli as ”Righteous Among the Nations,” an honor reserved for non-Jews who helped Jews during the Holocaust. Rabbi Simon Moguilevsky, chief rabbi of Buenos Aires, called Roncalli ”a man truly created in the image of God.”

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Tolerance: Separate and Not Equal: The Vexing Virtue

Toleration is not, then, an expression of doubt about our ability to tell the good from the bad; it is evidence of our confidence that we have that ability. The need for a concept which forbids individuals and groups from both tacitly and overtly judging others clearly exists: perhaps the solution lies in practicing and preaching neutrality rather than advocating tolerance.

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Interfaith Report

Inter-religious news from Jerusalem.

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We are looking for people rescued

The IRWF is looking for people rescued and / or relatives of those saved by Wallenberg in Budapest during 1944 – 1945 or by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux or Bayonne in June 1940.

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