April 28, 2004

April 2004

Portuguese savior remembered in New York

On the 50 anniversary of Aristides de Sousa Mendes´death, Portuguese General Consul to Bordeaux in 1940 and savior of thousands of persecuted by Nazism, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presented the ambassador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes, Permanent Representative of Portugal to the United Nations, with a portrait by the artist Peter Malkin.

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International seminar “Diplomacy and the Holocaust”

The international seminar “Diplomacy and the Holocaust” took place with the presence of the French and Polish Ambassadors, organized by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and the Department of Public Law I of the University of Buenos Aires.

Wallenberg school inaugurated in Ecuador

Ecuador became one of the countries with schools named after Raoul Wallenberg. The promoter of this initiative is Patricia Vecilla Mackliff

Read an Interview to Mrs. Mackliff

Wallenberg foundation starts cooperation with HISTOR!CA Foundation

The IRWF has started cooperating with the Histor!ca Foundation of Canada, an organization dedicated to developing educational programs through the Internet. In Raoul Wallenberg´s case, it is worth remembering that he was the first person to be declared Honorary Citizen of that country. The IRWF and Historica will cooperate to promote the educational Project “Wallenberg at School”, an idea of the IRWF with international relevance.

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Sousa Mendes Award to Father Bernard Jacques Riviere

The Wallenberg Foundation has announced the 2004 Sousa Mendes award which will be given to Father Bernard Jacques Riviere on June 17, which is the date of the death of the Portuguese hero.

Father Riviere has issued a number of programs on the radio of Bordeaux dedicated to the deeds of the Portuguese savior of the Holocaust Aristides de Sousa Mendes. Inspired by the articles about Sousa Mendes that Father Riviere published in the French newspaper Le Monde, the journalist Jose Alain Fralon wrote the book “Le Juste de Bordeaux” already translated into several languages.

Father Riviere is one of the founders of the National Committee to honor Sousa Mendes in France and member of the Sousa Mendes Foundation of Portugal. The name of the second person to be awarded will be unveiled on June 17. In 2002 the Sousa Mendes award was received by the English journalist Nicholas Tozer and the Argentine writer José Ignacio García Hamilton.

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Feng Shan Ho, chinese savior

Read the incredible story of a Chinese savior who had to fight, first against the Nationalists and later against the Communists to end up in exile in the United States.

Opera ”RAOUL”

On April 30, the opera “Raoul” was presented at the Goethe institute of New York. The opera was written by Michael Kunze (Idea and book) and Gershon Kingsley (Music), with Jerry Hadley in the leading role, Suzan Hanson and Theodore Lambrinos; musical supervision by Charles Prince. Based on Raoul Wallenberg´s story, the Swedish diplomat savior of tens of thousands of lives during the Holocaust. Production Manager Lilian Bozinoff.

Ten singers alternate their participation between the chorus (Greek tragedy style) and their characters. A series of slides illustrate the events, among them portraits of Wallenberg, Eichman, Churchill, Stalin and images of Budapest during the war and others from nowadays.

Exhibition about Wallenberg inaugurated in Budapest

An important exhibition about Raoul Wallenberg was presented in Budapest, which illustrates the life of the Hero without a Grave, from his birth until his disappearance in the Hungarian capital on January 17, 1945.

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Looking for individuals saved by the Heroes: Wallenberg and Sousa Mendes

The IRWF is looking for individuals and/or family members of those saved by Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest in 1944-1945 and for those saved by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux or Bayonne in June 1940.

Please contact us irwf@irwf.org