July 3, 2017

Honorary Members

  • Cardinal Jorge M. Bergoglio – Pope Francis I
    Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina – Papa
  • Riccardo di Segni
    Chief Rabbi of Rome, Italy
  • Eduardo Martin de Pozuelo – Journalist, researcher, author
  • Lydia Ramis Suñe – Journalist and Entrepreneur – Daughter of Venancio Ramis Corominas, Spanish businessman who help Jewish refugees during the Holocaust
  • Agnes Hirschi
    Daughter of Diplomat and Rescuer Carl Lutz, Switzerland
  • Andrew S. Hutchison
    Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church, Canada
  • Nina Lagergren
    Sister of Raoul Wallenberg, Sweden
  • Annette Lantos
    Congressional Human Rights Caucus, USA
  • Menahem Mendel Pevzner
    Rabbi, Chabad of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Paul Cardinal Poupard
    President, Pontifical Council for Culture, Vatican City
  • Oscar Sarlinga
    Monsignor, Bishop of Zárate-Campana, Argentina
  • Samuel Sirat
    Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Europe, France
  • Louise Von Dardel
    Niece of Raoul Wallenberg, France