The Foundation´s Programs

Education: ”One Person Can Make a Difference” is a comprehensive educational resource for social studies teachers emphasizing the values of human dignity, liberty, justice and equality as exemplified by ‘heroes’ during World War II. The IRWF provides schools with the material and helps them organize the presentation. Other IRWF initiatives in education include documentary screenings, lectures and presentations, and student research support.

Research: The investigation of the deeds of saviors of the Holocaust is an ongoing project for the IRWF. Recently initiatives include research on Women Saviors, which lead to the creation of a new website section dedicated to the collection of names and stories of these heroines.

Historic preservation: Documenting Wallenberg is an initiative that records testimonies of Holocaust Survivors rescued by Wallenberg and those individuals who worked alongside him. Through the project, the IRWF intends to host the archives for research and educational purposes made available to the public at large, historians, scholars, other Holocaust survivors and their families, and in particular students to promote civic leadership and knowledge of public interest and social justice.

Arts & Events: Saviors on the Screen is a day long film marathon that is organized annually with the JCC of Manhattan on Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Memorial Day). The films portray the stories of saviors of the holocaust as well as those of people saved by them. Musical and theater performances about Wallenberg or other saviors are organized at least once a year and have included a reading of the musical Wallenberg and performances by the balladeer Ben Olander. The IRWF organizes these and other events to commemorate the deeds of saviors of the Holocaust.


”Bring Raoul Home” which calls for distinguish personalities to write letters to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin asking for the release of vital information on Wallenberg’s case.

”100,000 Names for 100,000 Lives” has the aim of collecting signatures in order to pressure the Russian government to release essential information that would reveal, document, and prove what happened to Wallenberg after Soviet troops arrested him.

”Wallenberg Day” is an initiative that campaigns for the proclamation of commemorative days in order to promote peace among nations and to honor those who were Heroes of the Holocaust while offering an opportunity to learn from the past. Raoul Wallenberg Day is celebrated every year in the State of New York. Following the IRWF’s initiative, Wallenberg Day observed in the States of Nevada, Nebraska, Maryland and Connecticut in 2005. West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan and Maine joined Illinois in the 2006 commemorations. Wallenberg Days are also commemorated around the world, from Canada to Argentina.

”Wallenberg Sites” is a campaign with the aim of naming public spaces after Raoul Wallenberg. Streets, parks and educational institutions have been named after the Swedish diplomat in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, United States and Spain, among many other countries.

Awards: The Raoul Wallenberg Award has been established to recognize those who demonstrate rectitude in their conduct and for their outstanding performance in their respective occupations following the legacy of the saviors of the Holocaust. The award has been presented to Heads of State, Ambassadors, Authors and Intellectuals from Spain, France, Israel, Argentina, Sweden and Croatia.