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  • Argentina’s Jewish community celebrate Pope Francis

    By Jim Wyss jwyss@miamiherald.com BUENOS AIRES — Tucked into an alcove of Argentina’s National Cathedral, right beside an icon of the Virgin of Luján, is a wall of yellowed documents written in delicate Hebrew. The pages were rescued from the death camps of Auschwitz, the ruins of Berlin’s synagogue and the remains of this city’s […]

  • East Timor declares state of emergency

    The bullets of fanaticism have seriously wounded East Timor President – Jose Ramos Horta – a longtime member of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. President Ramos Horta has dedicated his life to combat injustice through peaceful means. The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recognized his efforts by awarding him the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in […]

  • Calif. Rep. Tom Lantos dies

    Tom Lantos was a champion of human rights. It is fair to say that he was deeply influenced by Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved him from the Nazis, among other 100,000 Hungarian Jews. Rep. Lantos never missed an opportunity to fight for human rights, and to instill into the younger generations the lessons […]

  • Judge bans Holocaust float in Brazil

    The Brazilian Judge’s decision to ban the so called ”Carnival Float” should be praised. The Holocaust is not something to be trivialized. The attempt to create shock value by means of the Holocaust is despicable. Instead of ridiculing the memory of victims, the members of the Viradouro samba group should learn the lessons of the […]