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  • Pressuring Russia on Wallenberg’s fate ‘a matter of principle’

    On the eve of a conference examining historical research on Raoul Wallenberg, historian Susanne Berger argues that more must be done to force Russia to open up records that could shed light on the still-disputed fate of the Swedish diplomat. When Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg arrived in Hungary in July 1944, he faced a nearly […]

  • Israeli group calls for Interpol probe into Raoul Wallenberg case

    An Israel-based group has asked the Swedish government to request for Interpol assistance to try to track possible witnesses to the fate of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. “We would like the Riksdag to approve the issuing of a yellow notice to find Raoul Wallenberg,” said Max Grenberg of the Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen Committee to […]

  • ‘Re-open probe into Raoul Wallenberg’s fate’

    Official claims from Russia about when Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg died appear ever more doubtful as new evidence emerges, argues historian Susanne Berger, who has called for the investigation in Wallenberg’s fate to be re-opened. After conducting a decade-long investigation, the official joint Swedish-Russian Working Group studying Wallenberg’s fate in Russia concluded its report in […]

  • Unknown Swedish prisoner may provide clues to Wallenberg mystery

    A so far unidentified Swedish prisoner in Soviet captivity in the 1950s may provide historians with more clues as to the fate of missing WWII diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, argues historian Susanne Berger. In 1957 a former German prisoner of war by the name of Ludwig Hunoldt provided intriguing information about a Swedish citizen he had […]

  • Report: ‘Russia lied in Wallenberg probe’

    A new book containing statements from a cellmate of missing Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg proves that Russian officials deliberately withheld information about the fate of the man credited with saving thousands of Jews from the Holocaust, researchers allege. “They’ve been caught red handed,” historian Susanne Berger told The Local of the Russian actions. “This ranks as one […]

  • ‘Wallenberg and Isaak are still worth fighting for’

    With Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak in prison in Eritrea and questions still swirling about the fate of Raoul Wallenberg, historian Susanne Berger argues that Sweden needs to do more to shorten its ignominious line of unsolved disappearances. It has now been ten years since a joint Swedish-Russian Working Group presented its report on the fate […]