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  • Borough Park Street To Honor Wallenberg

    A stretch of 13th Avenue in Borough Park will be co-named Raoul Wallenberg Way on Dec. 9th. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest who in 1944 saved as many as 100,000 Jews from the Nazis by issuing them documents that afforded them protection from Sweden. The ceremony will be held at 50th Street […]

  • ‘Wallenberg Is Still Waiting For His Spielberg’

    Raoul Wallenberg would have turned 100 last month, if he were alive. No one knows anything about his fate after he disappeared into Soviet hands in January 1945. For six months, starting in July 1944, Wallenberg, the 32-year-old son of a prominent Swedish banking family, risked his life while serving as a representative of the […]

  • The Splitting Of The Sea, 1943

    An aging righteous gentile recalls ferrying Danish Jews to freedom from the Nazis. Jonathan Mark-Associate Editor If God had divided the sea for us, even if we didn’t pass through on dry land, it would have been enough, Dayenu. Perhaps the Haggadah was thinking of 1943, when the sea split yet again, this time the […]