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  • The persistence of hope

    Raoul Wallenberg was, at last, declared dead on October 26th The saviour of the Jews of Budapest disappeared in 1945 at the age of 32 With the blue-and-yellow “protection passes” he carried in that briefcase, a diplomat’s bluff made “authentic” with Swedish government stamps and decorative Swedish crowns, he saved the lives of thousands of […]

  • Remembering Raoul Wallenberg. A necessary example of tolerance

    THE last time Raoul Wallenberg was seen alive by his friends and colleagues was on January 17th 1945. He left his safe house in Budapest to meet the commanders of the Red Army, which was besieging the city. Wallenberg and his driver, Vilmos Langfelder, were arrested and then they disappeared into the maw of the […]

  • Remembering Raoul

    by A.L.B. | BUDAPEST THE last time Gabor Forgacs (pictured) saw Raoul Wallenberg was on January 6th 1945 at number 6 Harmincad street, in downtown Budapest. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat, and a scion of a powerful banking family, who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the war by issuing them with Swedish papers, placing […]

  • Irena Sendler

    From The Economist print edition Irena Sendler, saviour of children in the Warsaw ghetto, died on May 12th, aged 98 POLAND suffered more than any other European country during the second world war. And there was an extra twist: the history of that suffering was then systematically distorted by the Soviet-imposed Communist rulers, and widely […]

  • Obituary in brief: Max Schmeling

    Max Schmeling, boxing champion and reluctant Nazi symbol, died on February 2nd, aged 99 MEMORY is unkind to many, but to Max Schmeling more than most. The athletic skills of Germany’s only ever world heavyweight boxing champion were matched by his lifelong generosity. But outside Germany, he is remembered mainly as a symbol of Nazism […]