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  • Charles Aznavour Receives the Raoul Wallenberg Award in Israel

    TEL AVIV (Daily Mail) – French Armenian singing legend Charles Aznavour was honored in Israel on Thursday for his family’s efforts to protect Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis during World War II. The 93-year-old known as France’s Frank Sinatra still performs and is due to give a concert in Tel Aviv on Saturday. […]

  • Human Rights Court Rules Turkey Cannot Criminalize Genocide Recognition

    STRASBOURG—The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday unanimously ruled that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide cannot be criminalized in Turkey. The verdict stemmed from a case brought to the court by noted scholar Taner Akcam. In the case Taner Akcam vs. Turkey, the court ruled that Turkey’s ongoing criminal prosecution of scholarship on […]

  • The Legacy of a Bloodbath: Black January and the Pogroms of Baku

    January 19 marks the end of the bloody Baku Pogroms, during which the Armenian population of Baku was ethnically cleansed from the Azerbaijani capital in a week-long bloodbath that left hundreds dead, thousands wounded and many more without homes. The campaign, which began on January 13, lasted seven-days until the Kremlin finally deployed Soviet Troops […]