"The International Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli" (John XXIII) award will be presented in Rome

>Special Invitation <

Marco Roncalli

Next Thursday, June 12th., at 04:00 pm, The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, Casa Argentina en Israel-Tierra Santa and the director of Zenit-News Agency, Mr. Jesus Colina, will present the

"Angelo Giusseppe Roncalli" medal

to Doctor Marco Roncalli

in recognition to his lifelong academic and journalistic endeavors which are dedicated to serving the truth and understanding among faiths.

The ceremony will take place at the Russia Ecumenica Centre, Borgo Pio 141, Rome, and will be presided by the director of Zenit New Agency, Mr. Jesus Colina and the Director of the above mentioned Centre, Mr. Sergio Mercanzin.

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Marco Roncalli

Marco Roncalli was born in Bergamo, on July 31st., 1959. Following his humanistic studies in Bergamo he graduated in Law from the University "Studi di Milano", with a thesis on canonical law about the Secretariat for the Unity of Christians.

For the last 25 years, Mr. Roncalli has been engaged in the media world, starting at "Epoca" and "Il Sole 24 ore" and nowadays he is collaborating with "Periodici San Paolo" and "Avvenire". In those newspapers, through his columns, he closely follows the issue of Righteous Gentiles and the research about the Shoah.

Marco Roncalli has also stepped into the world of historical and literature editions. Among the works he was involved in, one can mention those devoted to the figure of Angelo Giusseppe Roncalli, who became Pope John XXIII as of 1958. In particular, "John XXIII, letters to the family", Milan, 1988 (Rusconi Editore); the Italian edition of Peter Hebblethwaite – "John XXIII, the Pope of the Concilium", Milan 1989 (Rusconi Editore); "John XXIII – In remembrance", by Secretary F. Capovilla, interview with previously unpublished documents, Milan, 1995; the correspondence Shuster-Roncalli "Nel nome della santita", Milan 1996 (Ediciones San Paolo); John XXIII, "Nostra pace e la volonta di Dio", previously unpublished notebooks, Milan 2001, edited by San Paolo, "Giovanni XXIII. La mia Venezia" , Venecia 2000 (Canal e Studium Cattolico Veneziano); Loris Capovilla, Giuseppe De Luca, "Giovanni XXIII, Carteggio", Roma 2005, edited by Marco Roncalli, (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura); "Giovanni XXIII, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli una vita nella storia" (Le Scie-Mondadori 2006, Oscar Mondadori 2007).

Marco Roncalli has also made documentaries of religious character devoted to John XXIII, for the RAI Trade, Media Trade, Video RAI, San Paolo Film and served as historical advisor to Italian and foreigner film directors. He is a member of the Association " Don Giuseppe De Luca", the Near East Studies Center, the Newsroom Committee "Jesus" and the Newsroom Committee of the "La Scuola" editorial group.
He was the recipient of various awards and recognitions, such as the International Literary Prize "Cittá di Gaeta" in 2000, the "Global Education Award" in 2002, the "Beniamino Joppolo" award in 2007.

During the event, a special tribute will be paid to Ms. Stanislawa Slawinska, a Polish Catholic hero from the town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, who during the Holocaust sheltered at her own home 10 Jews who fled from the Warsaw Ghetto.

About the organizers

The International Raoul Wallenberg foundation is an NGO whose mission is to develop educational projects to promote the exercise of the values of civil courage and solidarity that were the driving force of the feats of the rescuers of the Holocaust. It was co-founded by Baruch Tenembaum and the late U.S. Congressman – Tom Lantos.

Casa Argentina en Israel – Tierra Santa is a sister foundation of the IRWF which promotes the cultural relationships between the Spanish speaking countries and Israel and fosters the interfaith dialogue between the monotheistic religions. It was founded more than four decades ago and it has offices in Buenos Aires and Jerusalem.

In September 2000, with the attendance of the ex Secretary of State of the Vatican, Cardenal Angelo Sodano, a tribute was paid to the memory of Pope John XXIII, Monsignor Angelo Giusseppe Roncalli. The ceremony took place at the Permanent Observation Mission of the Vatican before the U.N., in New York. During the event, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation announced the launching of the Angelo Roncalli International Committee.

In June 2003, following an initiative from the Angelo Roncalli Committee of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, the Argentine Post Office issued a special postal card of the ex Apostolic Delegate of the Vatican. On that same month, Mr. Tenembaum had the privilege of closing the conference "The Hebrew World and Roncalli – Revisitare Giovanni XXIII", an academic meeting sponsored by the University of Bologna and the Foundation for Religious Sciences John XXIII, with his lecture – "Angelo Roncalli, moral inspiration to mankind".

On July 10th., 2004, Cardenal Walter Kasper, President of the Vatican Commission for the religious relationship with Judaism, inaugurated the Angelo Roncalli Kindergarden at the Raoul Wallenberg Community Center, Headquarters of the Movement of Unemployed Workers of La Matanza, in the La Juanita quarters, district of Gregorio de Laferrere, Province of Buenos Aires.

ZENIT is an international non-profit news agency, made of a team of professionals and volunteers who believe in the extraordinary riches of the messages spread by the Catholic Church, particularly its Social Doctrine, as a guiding light to understand the present times.

In 2006, Mr. Jesus Colina, received the Raoul Wallenberg award, in recognition to his journalistic excellence in service of the interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.